The members of the Pre-School’s management committee welcome all parents to join up. We are a friendly group of parents, mums and dads, from many different backgrounds who are all focused on the success of the Pre-School as a special place for our little ones to develop and learn.

If you are interested in joining, please have a quick look at our welcome guide below and then print and sign the Letter of Interest and return to one of the staff or to the attention of the Chair. As our Rising 5 children go on to “big school” we do lose a few parents each year so we are always keen to elect new members to keep our number around 12. Please email the Chair if you’d like to come on board:

Welcome Guide: Become a Committee Member & Trustee of Wendens Ambo Pre-School (CIO)

Letter of Interest to become a committee member & trustee of Wendens Ambo Pre-School (CIO)

WAPS Privacy Notice for trustees – Jan 2020